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Special offer for 2019

Hunting packages (only 6 packages available) valid from 14 June – 8 July 2019

Choose two(2) of the following:

  1. Black Wildebeest
  2. Blue Wildebeest
  3. Red Hartebeest 

for R15000.00 

Blesbuck Brown x 1 : R3600.00

Blesbuck White x 1 : R5000.00

Impala or Springbuck : R3600.00

7 Days: 2 days traveling, 5 days hunting : R12600.00 per person

Total Hunting Package cost: R39800.00 per person


Other animals also available in the same area. Total size of hunting area is 12000 hectares. 

Pigeon and Water Fowl Hunt

The hunting season for pigeons and doves starts at the end of March and goes on until the end of May. Pigeons and doves are normally hunted in the sunflower fields where they can form flocks of thousand or more. The Water Fowl season starts at the beginning of May and ends at the end of July. 

Ke Monati Safaris Pigeon hunt